4 Person Bear Creek Tent In Stock Now

Generally sleeps 3 people comfortably. Tent expectations: absolutely no smoking inside or nearby tents and sleeping bags, no eating or storing food inside the tents; it attracts animals, do not set up tents on pavement, if on sand do not use anything with legs in tents (i.e cots, playpens, etc), keep shoes out of tents and use the vestibule, if zippers become stuck do not pull harder. Before returning: gently shake/wipe off exterior dirt, flip tent body inside out and gently shake, ensure you have all poles and stakes, and store them in their bags with ONE knot tied around the open end. If the tent is 100% dry (not even damp), pack the tent with each component rolled separately. If the tent is damp or wet, pack the tent as you normally would, then air dry all components within 8 hours before packing.